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150 Ksi William full thread bar and AGICO All Thread Rod

Author: May

Mar. 07, 2024

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Tags: Construction & Real Estate

Williams 150 KSI Fully Threaded Bar Introduction

Williams 1” through 1-3/8” 150 KSI bars are smooth, hot rolled, high strength prestressing steel.  The bars are cold-stressed and stress relieved in strict compliance with ASTM A722 and AASHTO M275 Highway Specifications. The 1-3/4” through 3” 150 KSI bars are made from alloy steel that is hot rolled, quenched and tempered to meet to the prescribed mechanical properties of ASTM A722. 

NUMBER 0.80F PU A 0.70F PU A 0.60F PU A 1” – 4
(26 mm) 0.85 in2
(549 mm2) 128 kips
(567 kN) 102 kips
(454 kN) 89.3 kips
(397 kN) 76.5 kips
(340 kN) 3.09 lbs/ft
(4.6 kg/m) 1-1/8”
(29 mm) R71-08 1-1/4” – 4
(32 mm) 1.25 in2
(807 mm2) 188 kips
(834 kN) 150 kips
(667 kN) 131 kips
(584 kN) 113 kips
(500 kN) 4.51 lbs/ft
(6.7 kg/m) 1-7/16”
(37 mm) R71-10 1-3/8” – 4
(36 mm) 1.58 in2
(1019 mm2) 237 kips
(1054 kN) 190 kips
(843 kN) 166 kips
(738 kN) 142 kips
(633 kN) 5.71 lbs/ft
(8.5 kg/m) 1-9/16”
(40 mm) R71-11 1-3/4” – 3-1/2
(46 mm) 2.60 in2
(1664 mm2) 390 kips
(1734 kN) 312 kips
(1388 kN) 273 kips
(1214 kN) 234 kips
(1041 kN) 9.06 lbs/ft
(13.5 kg/m) 2”
(51 mm) R71-14 2-1/4” – 3-1/2
(57 mm) * 4.08 in2
(2632 mm2) 613 kips
(2727 kN) 490 kips
(2181 kN) 429 kips
(1909 kN) 368 kips
(1636 kN) 14.1 lbs/ft
(20.8 kg/m) 2-1/2”
(64 mm) R71-18 2-1/2” – 3
(65 mm) 5.19 in2
(3350 mm2) 778 kips
(3457 kN) 622 kips
(2766 kN) 545 kips
(2422 kN) 467 kips
(2074 kN) 18.2 lbs/ft
(27.1 kg/m) 2-3/4”
(70 mm) R71-20 3” – 3
(75 mm) 6.85 in2
(4419 mm2) 1027 kips
(4568 kN) 822 kips
(3656 kN) 719 kips
(3198 kN) 616 kips
(2740 kN) 24.1 lbs/ft
(35.8 kg/m) 3-1/8”
(80 mm) R71-24

Williams 150 ksi All Thread Bar

Williams all thread bar of 150 ksi has been widely used in many industrial applications which requires high tensile and yield strength. With the right material, heat treatment would make the steel rod exceed post tensioning bar and rock anchoring conditions, and after it passed 500,000 times of loading, it makes a very suitable fastener to help create large bond strength to grout or concrete.

  • AASHTO M275
    This specification covers Type I and Type II high-strength steel bars intended for use in prestressed concrete construction or in prestressed ground anchors. Bars are of a minimum ultimate tensile strength level of 1035 MPa [150,000 psi].
  • ASTM A722
     This specification covers Type I and Type II high-strength steel bars intended for use in prestressed concrete construction or in prestressed ground anchors. Type I bars have a plain surface. Type II bars have surface deformations. Bars are of a minimum tensile strength level of 150 000 psi [1035 MPa].
150ksi Stud for Wind Anchor Cage Foundation

Mechanical Property of 150 Ksi All Thread Rod

(827 MPa) 150 KSI
(1034 MPa) 4% 20% min.

Longteng 150 Ksi All Thread Rod

AGICO is a high strength steel product supplier in China, we mainly supplies high tensile strength steel rod and bar products such as anchor rod, stud bolt, hexagonal bolt etc. AGICO has developed equivalent fully threaded bar according to the famous William 150 ksi bar, usually our 150 ksi all thread rod tensile strength exceed the standard value of 1026 Mpa. Our all thread bar and bolt products have super high yield strength(up to 1100 MPa) and tensile strength(up tp 1220 MPa). Regarding impact energy, our grade 8.8 anchor bolt everages 60J , grade 10.9 everages 35J which means our products performance much higher than standard requirements.

Lonteng 150 Ksi Fully Threaded Bar Sample Order

Manufacturer Anyang AGICO Product Pre-stress Anchor Customer x Address Industrial Park, Indu District, Standard Acc. to Agreement Grade 42CrMoA Dimension(mm) : M39 Specification Tel/Fax 0372-2256666 Delivery 2022/2/22 (D Weight 10.803 Qty: 5 Delivery Condition   Manufacture certificate No.   Turbine No. Production No. Length (mm) Qty (pcs) Weight (T) Mechanical Property Magnetic Test(100%) Corrosion Protection Cross section area (mm2) Appearance Non-proportional extension strength ReH (MPa) Yield Strength Rm(MPa) Elongation(%) Rate of reduction% -40V Impact Energy (J) Hardness HV LT10.9 M39-01 5220210002 3745 176 5.356 1002 1096 14.5 50 41 363 Qualified Qualified / Qualified LT10.9 M39-02 5220210001 3745 176 5. 356 1017 1118 15.5 50 48 363 LT10.9 M39-B01 5220210004 3745 3 0.091 1028 1122 16.0 51 54 349

AGICO supplies equivalent standard of Williams 150 Ksi All Threaded Bar Product, and our fully threaded bar can exceed the basic requirement of 1026 Mpa, if you are interested in finding out the difference between 150 Ksi William full thread bar and Longteng All Thread Rod, send a message now for more details.

Q: I’m designing a process that must be able to handle a high load at about 1000F. I’m planning to use A286, but I now need to know what bolt length 


to use to make this machinery stable. I’d like to use as short 


of a bolt as possible so how many threads do I need to make a strong connection? And should I use fine or coarse threads?See also:
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A: This is two separate questions. First let’s look at fine compared to coarse thread. Fine threads have more threads per inch so this will give you more gripping area in a smaller length. For example a 1/4″ bolt comes in 1/4″-20 which is coarse thread – and has 20 threads per inch. Whereas a 1/4″-28 finely threaded bolt has 28 threads per inch. A finely threaded bolt will allow you more threads on a shorter bolt.  The other major advantage of a fine thread bolt is that it has a larger minor diameter.  This will give the bolt a larger cross-sectional area and allow the bolt to take a larger load (both tensile and shear).  Because of this – fine thread screws are always stronger compared to the coarse thread option of the same diameter.

Now since you want to use as short 


of a bolt as possible it’s important that you have the necessary amount of threads in order to handle your load. The answer here can vary but typically we recommend about 6 threads to provide a secure connection. When you apply load to a bolt, it actually will stretch minutely, which causes the first thread to bear 


the most load, then it decreases from there.  After about 6 threads (give or take), it will not improve the bolt’s load capacity

150 Ksi William full thread bar and AGICO All Thread Rod

Number of Threads for Strength: Fine vs Coarse Threads

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