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Benefits of Custom Molded Rubber Components and How to Select Them?

Author: venusgeng

Mar. 18, 2023

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Tags: Rubber & Plastics

Rubber products surround us, from our alarm clocks to our cell phones to the vehicles we drive and even the microwaves we use to dispose of leftovers. Many of them, from rubber bands to car tires, are mass-produced to fit a universal model.


"These products play a role in countless businesses and industries that rely on the use of rubber products in many ways, from the packaging of food and beverages to the construction of buildings, building cars, conducting laboratory research - even providing patient care in hospitals."


The versatility and value of rubber products

With such a wide range of industries using the material, thousands of specific and unique rubber parts and products are needed to make a machine or process work.


Whether it's a large rubber roller for a plant conveyor or oil pipeline, or the smallest rubber O-ring for the smallest pipe, industries regularly seek out custom molded rubber products to meet individual needs.

Molded Mechanical Rubber Bushings for Industry

Molded Mechanical Rubber Bushings for Industry

These industries - including oil and gas, medical, engineering, food and transportation - seek high-quality rubber products designed to meet safety and efficiency standards for onshore and offshore or marine sites.


Custom molded rubber products are not only a necessity for thousands of businesses across the country, but often require a specific number of rubber parts at short notice to keep their operations running efficiently and effectively.


When one size fits all rubber parts used in a machine created to meet the unique needs of a business, problems can arise due to incorrect or inaccurate fit of size or material.


Custom molded rubber is cast from a mold designed to meet the specific design and engineering requirements and uses of the rubber part or product. Because custom molded rubber products are customized by dozens of industries for hundreds of uses, sizes and formulations, the number of rubber products and parts that can be created and produced is virtually unlimited.


Let us help you get the benefits of custom molded rubber parts and how to select them effectively.

High Quality Round Rubber Gasket with Hole

High Quality Round Rubber Gasket with Hole

Various Benefits of Custom Molded Rubber Components and How to Select Them?

Custom molded rubber components are fabricated to suit multiple manufacturing processes for production of innumerable materials. These include vehicle tires, automotive parts, seals, grommets, hoses, decorative, washers, gaskets, stopper, diaphragms, plugs, bushings, bellows, vibration mounts, dampers, rubber rolls, boots, tubes and many other daily-use components. Certain characteristic features of rubber have made it one of the best-suited materials for various applications. These properties of rubber include:


Very high flexibility through efficient production processes

Tensile strength and dynamism to meet critical and strategic applications

Ability to withstand high pressures without losing its properties

Ability to maintain its functional value even after twisting, stretching and compression

Resistant to chemicals such as gasoline, alkali and oil, ideal for motors and generators

Recyclable and environmentally friendly properties

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Sanshi Rubber produces high quality custom molded rubber products and regularly meets a multiplicity of needs for a broad range of clientele. Using both injection and compression molds, delicately balanced cycles of heat and processing time for curing are applied to each custom molded rubber product or part.

Our company has customized rubber parts for sale, welcome to consult!



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