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What Are the Advantages of Battery Systems Solution?

Author: Geym

Mar. 07, 2024

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Tags: Energy

Energy can be stored in batteries for when it is needed. The battery energy storage system (BESS) is an advanced technological solution that allows energy storage in multiple ways for later use. Given the possibility that an energy supply can experience fluctuations due to weather, blackouts, or for geopolitical reasons, battery systems are vital for utilities, businesses and homes to achieve a continual power flow. A battery energy storage system is no longer an afterthought or an add-on, but rather an important pillar of any energy strategy, especially any energy strategy that makes use of renewable solar power. The sun is a wonderful energy engine, but it has one, significant limit: no sunshine, no power production. By combining battery energy storage with PV solutions, the batteries can mitigate the intermittent nature of renewable power by storing solar power produced during the day for nighttime use, thus guaranteeing a steady supply of power at all times.

Battery energy storage systems can play a crucial role in the future of a more efficient and environmentally friendly electricity grid. Hooked up to the network, interlinked battery storage systems could solve many of the energy challenges faced by producers, providers, and customers.  

We look at the advantages of battery energy storage systems and the important role that they could play in powering a long-term clean, green energy revolution.


Renewable Revolution

The UK has undergone a rapid transition toward renewable energy. In the third quarter of 2019, the UK’s wind farms, solar panels, biomass, and hydro plants produced more energy than that produced by coal, oil and gas-fired power stations. The biggest challenge facing renewable energy producers is that, unless the electricity generated by biomass, water, wind, and solar power systems isn’t fed directly into the grid or used immediately, it’s lost.

Capturing this excess energy so it’s ready to use is a fundamental challenge that requires energy storage innovation. Battery energy storage systems are offering those producing renewable energy or those wanted to efficiently store energy, the opportunity to capture this electricity in a network of batteries. 

A grid of high-density Lithium-Ion batteries linked together can safely store electrical energy with a high level of efficiency – meaning the majority of all energy produced is safely stored. They can also be scaled up, with additional capacity added when it’s required. This development offers incredible benefits to producers, people, and the planet.


Grid Integration

The electricity generated from renewable sources is fed directly to the grid where customers access it. But the demand from the grid fluctuates, with peaks and troughs. Today, battery storage systems offer a realistic and affordable solution for medium-sized renewable energy producers to capture the power produced. Linked to the National Grid, this enables participation in demand response programs, used this stored energy to generate the highest return.

We integrate all of our battery storage systems with the National Grid. Every system we fit comes with a smart inverter that draws from the grid or delivers it when it’s needed. It can automatically maximise your profits as part of the smart grid. 

When dealing with electricity, safety is crucial, which is why our team installs and configures the import/export controller and G99 converter that ensures safe operation, protecting you from overload.


Self Reliance

Battery energy storage systems aren’t just an attractive option to renewable producers; they’re also increasingly being adopted by the forward-thinking businesses too. Battery storage systems can be used to store energy purchased at off-peak times. It can be switched on to distribute energy when tariffs are at their highest, cutting energy bills. Avoiding ‘red tariffs’ – when prices are at their highest – can save businesses of all sizes significant amounts. 

Battery storage systems can also be configured to work as an uninterruptible power supply, providing a welcome insurance policy for businesses. In the event of a power outage, disruption or grid drop out, battery energy storage systems can step in. While there is a limit to the power a battery storage system can contain, it can deliver the power needed to safely back-up and shut down critical systems.


Flexible, Scalable Solution

A grid that’s run on renewables needs to be flexible. It’s a challenge that needs a solution, with the UK’s oldest and most inefficient fossil fuel and nuclear power plants scheduled for decommissioning by 2025. Coupled with growing public awareness of the environmental challenges, and the need for effective energy storage solutions is becoming more pressing every day.

Renewable energy producers want to ensure that valuable energy produced isn’t wasted. As well as reducing wastage and saving money, investing in a storage system can provide an upgrade to your green credentials, demonstrating your commitment to clean, green energy.  Battery energy systems are a rare example of the green choice being the best choice.

At Carter Sullivan, we can design, install, configure and manage commercial energy storage systems suitable for producers and users. As well as taking care of the technical considerations, we can help build a business case for storage that delivers performance and profit.

Our completely free site-assessments delve into the details. Together, we look at your energy production capacity, your existing systems, and potential cost reductions and returns.

Whether you’re a renewable energy producer or are looking for an energy storage system to manage costs, by matching supply to demand, battery energy storage can reduce resources, lower costs and protect our planet.


Click here to learn more about how Carter Sullivan can integrate Energy Storage into your business.

What Are the Advantages of Battery Systems Solution?

Advantages Of Battery Energy Storage Systems



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